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20th June,2024 


The 2024 Strawberry Supper will be held on Thursday June 20th at 6pm in Sanderson Hall.


Tickets must be purchased before the supper from the church office or after the church service starting Sunday May 19th at a cost of $20(Adults) & $5(Children)


This event is always fun and a great way to welcome the summer. We cannot wait to see you at the Supper. Bring friends & family along. 



Giant Garage Sale
June 15,2024 
9:30am - 12:00pm

The United Church of Women is planning a Giant Garage Sale on Saturday, June 15 in conjunction with the Brampton Market opening day.


Clean out your closets and book a booth to sell your items.


All proceeds to the church operating costs.

For any further inquiry, Contact : 


Yoga Class - Spring 2024
Mondays 7pm - 8pm
Tuesdays 10am - 11:30am 

Start or end your day with a peaceful and energizing activity. Join our yoga classes offered in the morning and evening! Our experienced instructors will guide you through a variety of poses and breathing exercises to help you find balance and relaxation.

For Monday's class contact:

Cathy Robertson



For Tuesday's class contact:

Chris Kentner


Click here to download contact, dates, and pricing!


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