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Leadership at St. Paul's United Church



Rev. Dr. Connie denBok

Rev. Connie loves to hike. Recently she spent three weeks hiking the Tour du Mont Blanc circular route around the Mont Blanc massif – 165 km passing through France, Italy, and Switzerland. When asked if she would take the church members on a hike next year, she said, “Sure! Which continent?” We meant something a little more local though, like Halton Hills!

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Office Administator 


Aishwarya can brighten your day with her warm greeting and beautiful smile. She loves to cook and one day hopes to open her own restaurant, but in the meantime, happily provides delicious samples of her home cooking for church staff!


Church Officer

Shawn Stewart

Shawn can tell you about all the work it takes to keep our beautiful church building safe and clean. As a matter of fact, Shawn never finds an end to all he can tell you! He is the nicest, most helpful, friendliest guy to have around. There’s never a dull moment when he is working away with his buddy, Evan Kentner!


Music Director

Iain Morrison

Iain has an infectious laugh. Even if you find no humour in something, hearing him laugh will make you laugh!  His jokes are witty and clever, although he always says, “You can’t be clever and good looking too!”



Sharon Morrision

Sharon loves nature. One day she saw a Blue Jay pecking at the head of a baby Mourning Dove. She shooed the Blue Jay away, picked up the squab and put it in an old hamster cage. Over the next week, she nursed it back to health by applying Polysporin to the wound. When the day came to release it, the mother was waiting on the front porch for her baby!


Children's Ministy

Fran Smith

Fran is an amazing storyteller. She often has her friends in fits of laughter by retelling an incident that happened to her, and it seems that she can take an ordinary day and turn it into something hilarious! That is why she is such a great person to have leading our children’s ministry. She can catch their imagination with the stories of the Bible!

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